This impressive detached 5-bedroom house surrounded by beautiful garden, has benefited from rear and side extensions and immense 2-dormer hip-to-gable loft conversion plus open plan ground floor living area
The Project

Neeraj and Namita purchased the house as an alternative to their smaller property. It was in outdated and even dangerous condition, so they came to the decision to renovate it from scratch. 

Their idea was to mazimize the space as much as possible and apply minimalistic, but at the same time luxurious finish to create a comfortable home which would fulfill their needs.

Home Republic took care of the project while it was in early planning stage and helped Neeraj and Namita take it where they wanted to their complete satisfaction.
Our Approach
Neeraj says:
'When the project was running, we could only visit property once a week on Saturdays, and each time the progress was amazing. Alex and his team took care of everyhting from design and building alterations to appointing relevant specialists contractors and providing finished product advice.

We were impressed of how professionaly Home Republic team developed the space from old house which was virtually falling apart to the brand new stylish development with high specs kitchen, 4 bathrooms, 5  bedrooms, loads of storage space, utility rooms and even a comfortable study. Great, and all within 5 months!'
                   The Result
A stunning 6-meter extension contains kitchen and dining area and features kitchen island with cooking facilties, 3 Velux roof lights and full-size bifolding doors. For the comfort of large family there is a utility room, storage room and a boiler room located on the ground floor, as well as new ensuite bedroom with disabled toilet, study room and 600sqft open-plan living area with an access to staircase.
Namita comments:
'We were not very experienced in renovationg large houses before and needed help almost in every aspect of the it.

I must say that Home Republic helped us all the way through that path. We were treated in a polite and professional matter, all our communication was responded immediately and our doubts were addressed.

I'd like to recommend them to anyone having a construction project coming up. Will certainly be using them in future again.'


The house, which living space has more than doubled, feautures a top floor master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and Roman bath in the generously-sized ensuite bathroom wisely utilising the space under the pitched roof. First floor contains 3 spacious double bedrooms and bathoom lovingly designed together with Neeraj and Namita.
House rates high on Green scale featuring LED lights throughout, ergonomical appliances and PIR detectors in certain areas to minimize energy wastage.

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