A complete overhaul of this 16th floor penthouse overlooking river Thames from the south bank meant joining 3 flats into one stunning appartment of 5000 sqft, forming completely new interior which included 8 ensuite bedrooms, 2 kitchens and immense living area, to create something truly remarkable.
The Project

Home Republic's team worked closely with owners Iqbal and Nasrin and architects of One World Design to develop their vision of the luxurious living in London.

Originally the place consisted of 3 separate flats, and Iqbal always had ambitious plans to develop a huge penthouse to allow a lot of space for visiting grandchildren.

The 5-star-hotel-like bedrooms were carefully designed to contain masterpiece features by bringing together client, architects and builders to make sure that the best possible outcome is achieved.
Our Approach

We were committed to creating Iqbal's dream home by bringing practical use into his design ideas. The objectives were not only to create more space and light, but to also make the house look elegant and special, with immaculate attention to detail.

Home Republic ltd worked closely with designer, subcontractors and suppliers to make that the finishing is made to the highest standard.

'This kind of project raises the benchmark in the industry' - says Alex, director of Home Republic ltd. -  'It is a great pleasure to be a part of it, especially after it has worked out so well for our clients'

The appartment has been listed in and
      Iqbal explains:
'Home Republic made it an enjoable experience for us. They took care of everything, 'I did no™t have to worry about a thing. I was just expressing my ideas and watching how they come to life. Amazing!'
The Result
This extensive refurbishment and alterations to a 5000sqft penthouse apartment by the River Thames, at Falcon Wharf was completed in a way that previously unseen panoramic views of Londons famous skyline revealed. and increases the usable floor space and value by reconfiguring access arrangements.

Iqbal and Nasrin were delighted not only with the creation of the new appartment, but also with the wonderful interior design which complements the apartment.
The resulting accommodation is divided into 4 suites, with separate bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes and changing spaces, study areas and children™s play space. There is also family kitchen and a large central hub space which is arranged to host both social gatherings of family and friend and more intimate family moments.

The project includes cooling by natural cross ventilation and individual room coolers and heaters that are all 4amp maximum load providing maximum adjustability for occupied areas and personal comfort. The apartment has electric under floor heating to all bathrooms and retained the existing water heating system. The project improved insulation to ceilings, walls and floors. All new lights are 5 watt LED and 1 watt niche lamps, there is over 200m of LED strip lighting and these are controlled by a wireless lighting circuit control. All rooms are fitted with a wireless Sonos surround sound system operated by individual room i-pads. All showers are low flow and wcs are dual flush and all white good are A** rated, the oven is a low energy full induction ovens.

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