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Environment Protection


At Home Republic Ltd, we have a number of crucial responsibilities. We are responsible for ensuring that our clients’ projects are completed on time. They also must ensure that their crews have a safe job site. Keeping a project within its budgetary constraints is another essential obligation.

One responsibility that has become much more prevalent in recent years is limiting the environmental impact of construction. As awareness of the industry’s role in damaging ecosystems becomes more widespread, we at Home Republic are accepting our responsibility to create as little disruption to the natural world as possible.

Because of the heavy equipment used in the industry and the nature of work, construction crews have the potential to be very destructive to surrounding ecosystems. Fragile plant life may be trampled and mangled. Wildlife habitats can be crushed, leaving animals vulnerable. Water sources can be contaminated by debris carried out of sites by tires and treads. In addition to wreaking potentially irreparable damage to natural resources, such actions can put contractors at risk of regulatory non-compliance.

This is why we have and regularly update policies and plans for environmental protection that address all phases of construction.

Proper Planning at the Beginning

During the pre-construction phase, we spend time on proper planning and design. For example, the use of access mats as temporary roadways ensures that trucks and other large machinery don’t exert too much pressure on delicate soils. They also help prevent equipment from driving through wetlands and swampy areas.

We design our temporary drainage systems in the preliminary phases of construction in order to prevent waste and protect local water sources from contamination.

On larger projects, we also create plans to address erosion and sediment control and prevent stormwater runoff to nearby rivers and lakes.

Being Mindful During Construction

As the work gets underway, we are analysing and evaluating how activities may affect the surrounding areas. Installing gates and fencing can contain traffic to only those areas where it is absolutely necessary. This lessens the impact heavy equipment can have on the area.

In addition, remembering to shut down machinery during breaks conserves energy and reduces the amount of harmful emissions pumped into the air.

We also established the proper protocols for containing, removing and disposing of waste on our construction sites. This is especially important for hazardous building materials and for sites occupied during construction work.

We understand that the way our materials are sourced also has the potential to make a major impact on the sustainability of a job site. Being careful to buy from local suppliers means less fuel is consumed during transport, which also reduces air pollution.

If at all possible, we seek out materials that feature recycled content or renewable resources and always advise our clients on greener, more sustainable options and possibilities. This certainly means improvements in the ecological footprint of the project.

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The Clean-up Process

As we always have a strong waste disposal plan in place at the beginning of the project, we ensure that nothing will be left behind that shouldn’t be.

Managing a job site already involves juggling so many responsibilities that adding another one may seem excessive. However, we at Home Republic strongly believe that having a plan in place can go a long way toward keeping everything on track. Following the advice here will lead to a more responsible, environmentally friendly project in virtually every respect.

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Community Engagement


We are committed to providing a positive presence and follow the Considerate Constructors Code of Practice, as multiple winners of its national company award. Our focus as a business is to deliver construction excellence, sustainable solutions and value for money. We are also acutely aware of our duty of care to the communities we work in – always giving something back.

Supporting the Local Community

We adopt the principles of LM3 (the Local Multiplier 3) as a vehicle to steer our commitment to the communities we work in, enhancing the economy by the targeted use of local suppliers, sub-contractors and by providing responsible and meaningful opportunities. Moreover, this approach provides a platform of measurement from which we can constantly improve and maximise our performance.

Various Initiatives We Are Involved in

Work Experience Opportunities – we uphold the values and principles of The Construction Action Group of Employers (CAGE) and want to actively raise the profile of the industry. We welcome work experience candidates throughout the year: from apprentices to those looking to get back into work.

School & College Engagement – we regularly engage with local schools and colleges to offer some free of charge work, like a handmade crib for baby Jesus for St Michaels’s CE Primary School in Wandsworth, and welcome little visitors to our sites.

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Complimenting Academic Studies – we come into contact with students undertaking construction courses who are keen to gain practical experience. We have employed Construction Students on summer placements and actively work with establishments to offer employment advice to students.

Site Visits and Community Consultation – Home Republic construction sites are registered and administered under the Considerate Constructors Scheme initiative. Part of this includes creating site specific literature, preparing site-specific community action plans and conducting public consultations to keep our neighbours up to date and provide the opportunity for them to have their say.

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Team Sponsorship – As we grow, we are making steps to sponsor local groups and teams.

Supporting Charity – Part of our Corporate Social Responsibility involves supporting local charities, often those close to our staffs’ hearts, including Lighthouse (the construction industry charity), local charity shops as well as donating Christmas presents and Easter Eggs to the less privileged.

Site specific support – Our site teams are close to the communities they work in and are passionate about helping local projects, often in the most simple of ways, including donating sand and cement to a local artist and children to build a concrete park bench and refurbishing abandoned bikes to give to charity shops.

Our team of professionals has in-depth experience in construction process.

Please review our site-specific Community Action plan.