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Loft Conversion Specialist

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Loft conversions are an excellent way to significantly increase the living space in your house and instantly lift your property’s value. Home Republic’s network of highly skilled and reliable craftsmen delivers exceptional loft conversions to London homes for over 10 years.

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In London and the South-East, loft conversions offer an ideal opportunity to gain additional space without sacrificing precious outdoor areas. A well-planned loft conversion can add a penthouse-style ensuite master bedroom or two standard extra rooms and a bathroom onto a house allowing growing families to avoid moving out while also significantly increasing the property’s value.

The uses for converted lofts are endless, from a studio apartment that can be rented out for added income, to a spacious storage area to de-clutter your home.

Separately, newly insulated roof space provides energy savings for the rest of the house by significantly reducing heat loss.

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What’s unique about loft conversions is the quality of the newly created space; because of the height and positioning of the windows, many homeowners are surprised to discover that their converted lofts are flooded with more daylight and fresh air than the rest of the house. Unexpected views that look out over the trees and houses blocking sight on lower levels are a matter of the critical clients’ satisfaction.

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As with any major construction project or renovation, the outcome is dependent on the builders’ skills and commitment. Thanks to years of construction experience, we understand the importance of careful planning in order to maximise the value of your conversion. Our know-how means you can get the highest possible head height, and that all of your property’s structural considerations will be taken into account, so that your loft will be built safely, especially if your roof and floor require additional support.

Accessibility is also an important factor in loft conversions requiring a permanent staircase to be built according to planning regulations, so our builders take this into consideration when working to completion deadlines.

Importantly, each of our craftsmen shares our company values and commitment to client satisfaction, so you’re guaranteed a punctual, friendly and helpful service at every phase of construction.

Should you wish to stay in your house for the duration of works, we will start preparing for this at the early stages to minimise any inconveniences. We will discuss and arrange a separate access (if possible), storage areas and temporary facilities for you and your family, so that the whole process becomes a quest, not a challenge.

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Home Republic has an impressive track record of happy clients, and this is because our tradesmen make client satisfaction a priority. We are qualified, experienced and certified loft conversion contractor in Surrey by trusted trade bodies like the Federation of Master Builders & Considerate Constructors, so you know that our services are reliable and 100 per cent compliant with British building regulations and standards.

All our materials are sourced for quality, durability and suitability to the current design and style of your property; from doors and windows to wall finishes, your extension will seamlessly merge with your home to achieve the outcome you’ve envisioned.

We are providing you with an access to our trade accounts and introduce you to our partners like kitchen manufacturers, glazing suppliers and other superior merchants for finished materials.

Every project has a defect liability period (from 6 months up to 2 years) and can be optionally registered for money-backed guarantees with our business insurance brokers from Federation of Master Builders.

Project management is at the core of our service. Our craftsmen are always polite, friendly and respectful of community and safety values. We will consult with you at every phase of the project to make sure you’re happy with the end result.
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