Home Republic

Social Value and Sustainable Futures


We Have a Purpose Beyond Profit – The Energy, Passion and Commitment to Strengthen the Well-being of Our People

Sustainability is at the heart of our business. Since 2012, we have been passionate about leaving a social, environment and economic legacy.

Being sustainable helps us protect our own future against resource scarcity. It enables us to attract and retain good people. It means we can create whole-life value for our customers and partners, and for the users of the homes that we construct.

  • Making a difference to the lives of people local to our projects – for example, by providing work experience or creating apprenticeships.

  • Reducing our carbon emissions, and helping our supply chain partners to do the same.

  • Have developed safe working practices, providing employees with appropriate information, instruction and training.

  • Offsetting our unavoidable carbon emissions to make us carbon neutral.

  • Making the most of our resources, and reducing waste.

  • Supporting and developing our people.

  • Protecting and enhancing biodiversity on our projects.

  • Spending and employing people local to our projects.

  • Constructing energy-efficient homes that support the wellbeing of the people who use them.

  • Playing an active role in the industry to drive change for good.

  • And much more…

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do: time, cost, quality, our customers, our product, our business, our people, our services and ultimately our legacy and our growth.

Carbon Neutral Since 2018.

To offset our 2018 & 2019 emissions, we invested in the tree planting in Surrey and Kent using CARBONFOOTPRINT.COM.

As a responsible business, we go above and beyond to make sure we minimise our impact on the environment. As well as introducing initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, for every tonne of carbon we emit that we cannot avoid, we invest in a tree planting project reducing carbon emissions by the same amount.

This means we can say that we are a carbon neutral business.

Carbon Management: as a Responsible Business We Prioritise Efficiency and Reducing Our Emissions

As a privately-owned company, Home Republic is not subject to regulated emissions reductions. However, we are a responsible business with a commitment to demonstrate leadership in sustainable development, so we make it a priority to increase our efficiency and reduce our emissions.

This is one of our biggest challenges, because we use a lot of fuel and energy when we construct, maintain and retrofit buildings. We cannot cut our emissions altogether, but over the years we have introduced a number of initiatives which are helping us bring them down.

There is a strong business case for us to reduce our carbon emissions. Back in 2013 we anticipated huge rises in energy costs. So, we invested in low-energy tools and equipment which have helped us save thousands of pounds of wasted energy over this period.

Working with the CARBONFOOTPRINT.COM has helped us strengthen our approach and define clear reporting boundaries which are in line with the requirements of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Green House Gas Protocol.

Recycling and Waste Management

We use only sustainable providers of recycling services and regularly publish our site recycling reports on our Community boards on site hoardings.